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Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's story page
  • Easily create your story page by uploading your favorite photo and telling your loved ones about what brought you two together.
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The story page is very flexible. If you want, you can simply use it as your home page by adding a photo of you and your spouse-to-be and a few paragraphs. But you can do so much more than that!


You can use any of the photos you upload on the Albums page to be your Story page photo.

Bride and groom intro

We give you the option to organize your page content into two columns, one for you, one for your spouse-to-be, where you can both post a short introduction, or share your thoughts about your relationship and the upcoming wedding. All the other stories will appear under these columns.


Share your favorite stories with your guests. If you don't give your stories a title and date, they will show up as simple paragraphs on the page. But you also have the option to organize your stories by date and share your favorite memories in a timeline.
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  • Share wedding details, map your locations and recommend accomodation on the Invitation page. Not ready for RSVP yet? Use the Save the Date mode.
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The invitation page of your wedding website has two modes: Save the date and Wedding invitation. Only you, the organizer, will be able to change between the two modes; your guests will see the one you select. When your wedding is still far enough away that you want people to know about it but you're not yet ready for anyone to RSVP, you can use the Save the date mode. The Wedding invitation mode is for when the day is close enough that you want to start figuring out how many people are coming, who wants what for the meal, any special details you'd like to share with people, and if you want to give directions to your wedding.
When you send out invitation e-mails to people on your guest list from the Invite Guests page, we will direct them to this page.


Share anything you find important about the wedding day with your guests under Details on the invitation page. Menu, weather forecast, what to bring, etc., you can add as much content as you wish. Just come up with a title and a few paragraphs.


Map the most important locations of the wedding, so if guests don't remember, they can quickly look it up on your wedding website. Add the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception address, and we show it in a map, also providing the option to get directions.


Recommend accomodation to your out of town guests. Just add the name and address of the hotel with a short intro if you like, and we map it for you.
Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's invitation page
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Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's wedding party page
  • Share a little about the people making your day so special. Adding photos, bios and stories of them allows your guests to make connections with them easier at your wedding.
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Wedding Party

The Wedding Party page is where you can share information about the special guests attending your wedding, such as the Maid of Honor, Best Man and your family members, so guests will easily recognize them on your wedding day.
Upload a photo and enter their name, title, and bio. Get inspired and have fun with this page. You can add playful or funny photos. You can also make collages or arrange themed photo shoots.
This page gives you an opportunity to highlight the important people who will be attending your special day. This page will only be shown to guests if you have added Wedding Party guests.
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  • Keep your guests up-to-date. Share thoughts, notes, changes on the updates page, and if you choose to, you can automatically email out the update to all your guests.
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Posting changes

The date or location of an event just changed? Something important happened that you want to share with everybody? You can post it on this page and we will send an email to your entire guest list to make sure everybody is notified.

Sharing what's on your mind

You and your spouse-to-be can use this page as your wedding blog. Whenever one of you posts an update we will show your name under the message, and all your guests will get your post in an email. By default everyone on your guest list will be subscribed to your updates.
Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's updates page
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Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's albums page
  • Make your story complete by uploading photo albums and videos of you and your special someone.
  • Don't stop there, let your friends join in the fun...they can upload photos and video too.
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Sharing photos and videos on your wedding website

Upload any photo or YouTube video to the Albums page. Choose a photo for your profile image on the story page. You can edit the captions, delete your photos and videos or change your profile picture anytime.
Invite your guests to share their favorite photos and videos of you. Although they can upload photos and videos, they will only be able to update and delete the ones they added, while you will be in full control over all the photos and videos on your site.
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  • It's easy for you and it's easy for them. Present the list of your registries to make it simple for your guests to buy you gifts.
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On the Our Registries page you can create links to all your wedding registries.

Adding a wedding registry from our list

To make it easier for you, we collected the 70 most popular wedding registries with logos and urls, so all you have to do is select one from the list. If your registry has a personalized url, you can replace the default url and you are done.

Adding a custom wedding registry

If your registry is not on our list, you can always send us an email, and we promise we will add it soon. But this shouldn't stop you from adding it to your site. Instead of selecting from our list, just type in the name, upload a logo if you want to, add the url, and you are done.
Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's registry page
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Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's e-invitations
  • Send out e-invitations and effortlessly track your guests responses.
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Build your guest list on the Invite guests page, and easily send out e-invitations, updates and other emails to all of your guests. When you send out invitation e-mails, we will direct your guests to your invitation page where they can RSVP as well as see the details of your wedding including time, locations and additional information.
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  • Receive your RSVPs online. Decide who can come, and how many guests they can bring, the RSVP feature will take care of the rest for you. You can easily track who RSVPd in your guest list.
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RSVP can sometimes get messy to keep track of. With Wedbuddy's RSVP component, you can easily keep track of all of your guests replies, how many people they are bringing and even their food preference. It's simple to have all of these in one place to go back and look at whenever you need to. It also saves you the hassle of a trip to the post office and invitations getting lost in the mail.
No need for online RSVP? Simply turn it off on the Invitation page.

Security settings

For added security, we do recommend that you ask your guests to sign in when RSVP'ing, preventing guests to accidentally respond for each other. This is checked automatically when you sign up. However, if you'd like to request that your guests do not require login, you can update it on the Invitation page along with other RSVP related settings.
Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's RSVP page
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Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's guest list
  • Collect all the details you'll need to host your special day. Import your contacts directly from your email account or upload them manually. Send emails to your guests and track their RSVP status.
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Invite Guests

Managing your guest list

Creating and editing your guest list is simple. We make it easy to import contacts from Gmail or Yahoo! email accounts. Additionally, you can add on to your imported contacts manually, or create the guest list from scratch. You can also edit and delete any guest information at anytime. This is the list you want to check when you start receiving RSVPs to see who responded.

Managing requests

If your website is private and a friend didn't get invited via the invitation page and was sent the link to your wedding website, the Guest List security will automatically direct them to the Request Invitation page to gain access. From there you will receive an email asking you to approve (or deny) on the Guest Management page.

Sending invitations

You can send out wedding invitations from this page, or you can just invite people to view your wedding website. If your site is public, anybody who knows the url will be able to visit it. If it is private, only people you added to your guest list can view it. You can change this setting on this page or on the Settings page.
When you are sending out invitation emails, you can choose people from your guest list, or you can add them manually to the recipient list, and we will add them to your guest list after sending out the emails.
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  • Why not start early? Let your guests start talking about your special day long before the day itself.
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Start early

The guestbook is a really important feature at a wedding. It is more than just a list of who attended, it gives your guests an opportunity to share their feelings about your big day.
So why not start early? Your guests can start posting on your website from the minute you invite them, which makes your virtual guestbook much more interesting and colorful than a paper one your guests can only sign on your wedding day.

Edit your guestbook

A virtual guestbook has a huge advantage over a paper one: it is editable. If you want to delete a message, it only takes a click. As the organizer, you have full control over all the messages, but guests can also delete their own posts.
Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's RSVP page
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Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's checklist page
  • Take the pain out of managing your to-do list. Choose from a list of common tasks, or create your own. Divide up tasks, assign them to your friends and family and follow the progress.
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Social Wedding Checklist

Organize your tasks

On the Wedding Checklist page you can create your own, custom wedding checklist that will help you stay on top of all tasks for your wedding. To make your life easier, we compiled a list of the most common wedding planning tasks which you can add to your wedding checklist. You can also create your own, custom wedding tasks and add them to your wedding checklist.
To help you get everything done on time, you can set up an email reminder for the day before a task is due. When you complete a task you can just check it off, which will move it to your 'done' list.

Share and assign tasks

Why do everything all by yourself? The real power of this feature is that you can delegate tasks to other people who can help you plan and prepare for your wedding. Share your task list with friends and family and either assign things to them or let them volunteer.
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  • Decide who can visit your website by setting your privacy mode.
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By default, your wedding website is open. This means that anyone will be able to visit it without signing in after you share your site's url with them. You can change the privacy of your site to private which means that only guests who are on your guest list will be able to see your website after signing in. You can change the privacy of your website at any time.
Wedbuddy free wedding websites - couple's privacy settings
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We offer the opportunity for our partners to integrate with Wedbuddy, to provide a wedding website to their couples as part of their wedding package.