10 Ways To Show Your Fiance How Much You Appreciate Him


Show him your appreciation

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He got down on one knee, revealed the most beautiful ring you have ever seen, and asked you to be his wife. From that moment on, it was wedding central as far as you were concerned. You immediately announced your engagement, purchased a stack of bridal magazines, and launched a campaign to secure the most amazing venue in the city. However, in your excitement to not forget any details, you may have overlooked the most important thing: your fiance.

Keep in mind that this special time in your relationship is setting the stage for the many years of marriage you have ahead of you. And according to couples therapist Ashley Davis Bush, a happy marriage is one in which you show appreciation for the other person. [1] So don’t let the mile-long to-do list for your wedding overshadow your relationship; after all, without your fiance there wouldn’t even be a wedding to plan.

Here are ten great ways to show your fiance how much you appreciate him during your engagement.

1. Date Night

Wedding planning can be all-consuming and you may feel like it’s the only thing you do during your free time. During your engagement, reserve one night each week for you and your sweetie. Go out to dinner at a new restaurant, have a picnic on the beach and watch the sunset, check out a funny movie, do a wine tasting, or enroll in a dance class together. The Huffington Post notes that continuing to date each other is the best way to avoid taking one another for granted and set the standard for your marriage. [2]

2. Listen to Him

Between working and planning your wedding, all you want to do at night is browse your social media, catch up on your favorite TV programs, or take a quiet bath. As understandable as this is, be sure that you aren’t shutting your fiance out. Whether he’s telling you about a great day or an awful day that he’s had, he wants you to listen to him. Turn off all your smartphone, iPad and laptop, sit down with him, and have a conversation. The Help Guide suggests that sitting close to each other, making eye contact, and touching are surefire ways of letting him know that you care about what he has to say. [3]

3. Guys’ Night Out

You are engaged and heading to the altar, but that doesn’t mean either of you should ditch the other people in your life. Don’t make him feel guilty for wanting to go to the big game with his friends or head to the bar with a couple of guys from work. Not only is it normal for both people in a relationship to have outside friendships, but it’s actually healthy and will allow you to miss and appreciate each other more. So encourage him to build and nourish those other relationships in his life, and do the same for yourself. When he’s out with the guys, you can have a girls’ night in or simply take advantage of some well-earned alone time.

4. Give Him a Sexy Surprise

Your libido may have taken a backseat with all the stress of wedding planning, but it doesn’t have to. Purchase silk or lace lingerie that is sure to make his eyes pop and have it on when he comes home from work. Spice up his morning shower with a surprise visit. Text him your sexiest thoughts all morning and then have him meet you somewhere discreet on his lunch break. Not only will you enjoy these sexy encounters, but it will show him that he is still number one in your life.

5. Leave Him a Sweet Note

A sexy text is a great way to get his blood pumping and a coed shower will really rock his world. But your relationship is not all about sex, so amp up the romance and write him a love letter, telling him all the reasons you love him, remembering when you first met, and sharing your dreams of the future with him. Better yet, slip it into his work bag or leave it on the bathroom counter for him to find unexpectedly. She Knows states that it will surprise him and make him feel loved and appreciated. [4]

6. Cook for Him

Perhaps cooking is something that you enjoy doing together, but everyone loves a break from this daily chore once in a while. Give your sweetie the night off and prepare his favorite meal – even if it’s mac and cheese and a couple of brewskies. But eschew the TV and cell phones and instead set the table with wine, candles, and a clean tablecloth.

7. Give Him a Massage

After a long, hard day, there’s nothing better than lying down and receiving a deep, sensuous, full-body massage. Set the mood by turning off the lights, placing tealight candles around the room, and playing soothing meditation music. Coconut oil is perfect for massages as it absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy film. Spend a significant amount of time massaging him and letting him unwind.

8. Watch His Favorite DVD With Him

If your fiance is one of those great guys who goes to all the latest chick flicks with you, then if you haven’t already, show him how much you love him by settling in and watching his favorite DVD with him. Dim the lights, pop some popcorn, and put your feet up. Chances are, you’ll find his preferred genre more interesting than you thought, and he’ll find your willingness to share his interests irresistible. There’s no better way to show someone how much you appreciate them than by watching Hot Tub Time Machine without making one derogatory remark.

9. Include Him in the Wedding Planning Process

It’s easy to make the wedding all about you – after all, how many magazines for grooms are there? But to prevent becoming bridezilla, make a point of including him in the planning process. Ask him what his vision of your wedding looks like, invite him to all the vendor meetings, and discuss the budget, venue and music. You may assume he doesn’t care about all these details, but you’d be surprised. This is the biggest day of his life, too, so make sure his dreams are included in this important milestone.

10. Brag About Him a Little Bit

You don’t want to be that person who posts twenty photos a day on Facebook with the assumption that everyone is as interested as they are, but it doesn’t hurt to brag about your guy every now and then. Post only a few of the best photos of the two of you, or simply acknowledge something he did that you think is sweet or helpful. He’ll feel special and loved (especially if that post gets numerous “Likes”!), but most importantly he’ll know that you recognize his kind words and actions.

As a couple, you probably already do little things for each other on a daily basis that may go unnoticed – that’s just part of being in a long-term relationship. But by planning activities or surprises that are specifically about him, he will feel loved and appreciated. And though you don’t do these things with strings attached, he will likely feel inspired to return the favor in his own way and make you feel special. This is the best way to set the foundation for your marriage after saying “I do.” The next day you can bookmark the compelling work of Elizabeth Davis about How To Have A Happy Marriage where 58 Coaches Share 100+ Tips.


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